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Portus Julius

depth: -5 mt

Archaeological site of extraordinary interest discovered in 1956 by commander Raimond Bucher. It is possible to see the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Baia, subsided in the sea because of the "bradyseism". Mosaics, colonnades and outlines of ancient buildings make of this immersion a marvellous experience.

Villa Pisoni

depth: -6 mt

It represents the first zone of the Archaeological Park of the underwater area of Baia. It is a route among the ruins of an ancient villa dating back to the age of imperial Rome. It belonged to the Pisoni family and was later confiscated by Nero. Besides the ruins of the columns and corridors surrounding a large garden, it is possible to see a fountain and a thermal pool of big dimensions, perfectly kept and today chosen by a large family of nocturnal fish as their abode.

Villa Protiro

depth: -6 mt

As the previous, it is located inside the Archaeological Park of the underwater area of Baia. Marbles, ruins of frescos and a wonderful mosaic perfectly kept surround the visitor along the route together with the ruins of ancient warehouses and thermal structures. Plenty of marble columns and ruins of amphorae and other objects are still visible.


Shoal Fumosa

depth: -13 mt

It is possible to see the ruins of the ancient Portus Julius. Here it is visible the phenomenon of the  "fumarole", columns of bubbles of volcanic origin coming out of the sand. There are also springs of hot water and a rich fauna.

Tower of the Presepe

depth: -23 mt

Squared building of large dimensions probably used as a defensive tower and subsided in the water in ancient times. Along its walls it is easy to notice scorphena and murrays. At the bottom of one of its sides there is a submerged presepe (crib representing the Nativity scene), where there are Christmas scubadiving events.

Ischia Shoal of Catena

depth: -40 mt

Shoal in front of the island of Ischia, with cliffs going down till -90 mt. Decorated by Paramuricee, red coral and holes that have become abode for murrays, lobsters and other fish. The clearness of the water and the abundance of fish make of this place one of the most beautiful scubadiving experiences in the area.

Ischia Cape Sant'Angelo

depth: -45 mt

Tufa cliff of the island of Ischia, with a rich fauna. Together with the many Gorgoniae and Paramuriacee it is possible to see the boughs of the rare Gerardia savaglia.

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