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Agnano, once famous for its lake which had its location in the most ancient sub-aerial volcano of the Phlegraean Fields, famous for the hemp retting, inherited its name, according to Scherillo's witness, from Anauni, that is snake.

In fact, people say that the whole locality was rich in reptiles which, especially in summer, went down as far as the lake to water, sometimes forming real animated hanks. Successively it became famous for its seventy-five thermal springs, besides for the mud-baths and the practices of witchcraft.


The lake Agnano in a print of 1751. In foreground the so-called "Grotta del cane" (Cave of the dog).

In that locality, it raises the famous "grotta del cane" (cave of the dog), which is one metre wide and two metres long. It was called this way because of some inhuman experiments which were practiced there: it was shown the visitors the vision of the free carbonic acid which spread, as a result of an uncommon phenomenon, from the soil and because of its highest specific gravity compared to the one of the air, it remained suspended at a little more than two palms from the ground; then it was introduced a beast, which in three minutes died, obliged by its short stature to breathe this toxic substance.

Lines extracted from: Giuseppe Mormile, "DESCRITTIONE DI TUTTO L'AMENISSIMO PAESE DI POZZUOLO E LUOGHI CONVICINI" of 1670 where it is written:
F Cave called of the Dogs, in which every living thing which entered, died. -  G Lake of Agnano, which produces nothing but frogs.

Besides these uncommon phenomena, Agnano became famous with Alfonso I d’Aragona, passionate hunter. In fact the woody locality, specifically called Astroni because of the innumerable presence of sturnis (starlings), was rich in deer, wild boars, pheasants and every sort of hunt present in the splendid and rare vegetation, its natural environment.

… Nowadays Agnano offers, instead of the ancient lake drained and reclaimed in 1870, the homonymous hippodrome, famous for its numerous international contests.

Gianni PICONE " Da Posillipo a Cuma "

Information for the visitor


It is possible to take pictures or to effect shots.

Visitors are invited to assume a respectful behaviour towards the environment and the works in the Archaeological Park. Trespassers will be prosecuted under the laws in force.

It may be dangerous to venture on not authorized routes.

How to reach Agnano



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Road network:

from Naples (highways)

Enter the Tangenziale of Naples direction Pozzuoli. Exit n. 11 Agnano.

from Naples (downtown - main station of piazza Garibaldi)

Direction Porto - Piazza Municipio. Continue for Mergellina and Fuorigrotta. Here it is possible to enter the Tangenziale direction Pozzuoli (Exit n. 11 Agnano), or to go on for via Domiziana direction Agnano.

from Rome to Naples - via Domiziana   

Continue for Baia Domizia, Mondragone, Castel Volturno. Then cover the freeway SS. n 7 Quater which takes on the Tangenziale of Naples (Exit n. 11 Agnano), or cover via Domiziana (SS. n 7 Quater). Follow indications for Pozzuoli, Napoli, Agnano.