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In 1991, the Archaeological Superintendence of Naples and Caserta, during some surveys to approve the construction of a freeway, found the ruins of the famous "via Antiniana" which connected via Celle to via Domitiana.

This thoroughfare had been already pointed out by Dubois at the beginning of the XX century as the via Antiqua which connected Pozzuoli to Naples (Puteolis-Neapolim).

The excavation, lasted 6 years, allowed the survey of about 400 metres of this ancient road axis which allowed the crossing of the present recent line of communication and which is today surmounted with an iron bridge (debated a lot).

The ancient "via Antiniana", being at the foot of the surrounding hills, was exposed to frequent floods and through the stratigraphy they have been discovered 10 levels, from the top to the base, of alluvial material alternated to 10 strips of restoration material: sign that this was a very important line of communication for Pozzuoli.

But there are other surprises. Under via Antiniana, dated back around the I century A.D., it has been discovered another lane which went along the same route and dating back to the VII - VIII century B.C. This latter was used by the first Greek settlers, who established themselves in Cumae to reach the new-born Parthenope.

But it is clear that they did not limit themselves to cover a path already  beaten in the past and this renders even more fascinating this millenary line of communication.

At the half of the about 400 metres explored, it opens another little street which probably took to a praedium situated on the hills. It is obstructed by an heavy block of marble with dedication to Lucio Aurelio Pilade, placed there in the late Imperial age.

The first 300 metres of via Antiniana are a continuity of funerary monuments and the reason of this concentration is still unknown.

In the northern part of the street there are for the most part gentilitial monuments with some mausoleums.

The mausoleum of Menander medicus

In the south side there are various buildings leaning the ones against the others with hypogeal rooms (below the entrance floor) and cinerary urns, built from the first half of the I century A.D.

Detail of cinerary urns

This zone has been object of long and numerous depredations which left almost nothing of the funerary outfit.

The most of the objects has been recovered in the mausoleums and is part of the expositive material of the exhibition "Nova Antiqua Phlegraea".

Information for the visitor

The Necropolis:

Visitors are invited to assume a respectful behaviour towards the environment and the works inside the Park. Trespassers will be prosecuted under the laws in force.

It may be dangerous to venture on not authorized routes.

How to reach the Necropolis






Road network:

from Naples (highways)

Enter the Tangenziale of Naples direction Pozzuoli. Exit n. 12 Pozzuoli - Via Campana. Turn right entering Via Campana direction Pozzuoli. After few metres, in direction Solfatara, on the left side of the street you can notice the arches of an iron bridge. Below it, there is the Necropolis.

from Naples (downtown - main station of piazza Garibaldi)

Direction Porto - Piazza Municipio. Go on for Mergellina and Fuorigrotta. Here it is possible to enter the Tangenziale direction Pozzuoli, or to go on for via Domiziana as far as the Solfatara. Shortly after you arrive at a cross road with a bridge with iron arcades. Below it, there is the Necropolis.

from Rome to Naples - via Domiziana   

Continue for Baia Domizia, Mondragone, Castel Volturno. Then cover the freeway SS. n 7 Quater which takes on the Tangenziale of Naples (Exit Pozzuoli - Arco Felice), or cover via Domiziana (SS. n 7 Quater). Follow indications for Napoli, Pozzuoli. Arrived at the cross road turn right direction Solfatara. Shortly before there is a cross road with a bridge with iron arcades. Below it, there is the Necropolis.

by Underground

Get off at the station of Pozzuoli. At the exit walk down the street which takes to via Domitiana. Turn left. After few metres you arrive at a cross road with a bridge with iron arcades. Below it, there is the Necropolis.