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One of the works which impresses immediately is the Arco Felice, through which, at the thirtieth mile, it ran the ancient via Domitiana, that connecting to via Appia, was the faster artery of communication with Rome. Moreover it stretched as far as reaching Pozzuoli and Naples, while a minor branch conducted to Cumae and Miseno.

Cuma: Arco Felice Vecchio nel 1800

Arco Felice Vecchio in 1800

The Arco Felice is drawn in the cut of Mount Grillo, in order to allow a more rapid access to the city of Cumae through the Domitiana, whose paving is still today  perfectly kept and is integral part of the road corridor, and to allow the passage on the ridge of the hill.

Arco Felice Vecchio today

Arcofelice_v_1.jpg (10062 byte)

It stays before us with its huge dimensions, almost as a triumphal entrance to the legendary city, but instead of facing a severe show what we see is one of the most beautiful scenery of the world.

According to the legend, who passes through the arch and kisses their lover will be happy for all their life.

Gianni PICONE “Da Posillipo a Cuma”

Information for the visitor


The monument is visible from the road.

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How to reach the Arco Felice Vecchio







Road network:

from Naples (highways)

Enter the Tangenziale of Naples direction Pozzuoli. Exit n. 13 Cumae. Follow the A-road and turn at the first cross road on the left. Go on straight: the Arco Felice Vecchio will come "towards you".

from Naples (downtown - main station of piazza Garibaldi)

Direction Porto - Piazza Municipio. Continue for Mergellina and Fuorigrotta. Here it is possible to take the Tangenziale direction Pozzuoli, or to go on for via Domiziana as far as passing the centre of Pozzuoli (direction Rome - via Domiziana). Follow indications for Cuma. Arrived at the lake Averno go on as far as turning left at the cross road with direction Cuma. Go on straight: the Arco Felice Vecchio will come " towards you".

from Rome to Naples - via Domiziana

Continue for Baia Domizia, Mondragone, Castel Volturno. Then cover the freeway SS. n 7 Quater which takes on the Tangenziale di Napoli (Exit Lago d'Averno), or cover via Domiziana (SS. n 7 Quater). Follow indications for Cuma. Go on straight: the Arco Felice Vecchio will come " towards you".

  Railway: from Naples (main station of piazza Garibaldi)

Underground direction Pozzuoli. Pozzuoli station. Reach (about 50 metres) the stop of the buses for Cuma. La Schiana stop. Walk for about 150 metres.

Estimated time: about 70'.



Bus: from Naples (main station of piazza Garibaldi)

SEPSA Bus Lines. Napoli-Pozzuoli-Cuma route.

Estimated time: about 70'.

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