Submerged archaeological structures of the Phlegraean area

Section edited by: Nicola Severino


The submerged archaeological sites:

meno.gif (837 byte) Portus Julius

meno.gif (837 byte) Villa Pisoni

meno.gif (837 byte) Map of the submerged structures  in the gulf of Baia

meno.gif (837 byte) Ancient port of Misenum

meno.gif (837 byte) Maritime Villa in the bay of Marina Grande in Bacoli

Scubadiving trips

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In Italy the underwater Archaeology, the institutional one, has a recent history. It was born in 1959 thanks to the pioneer Nino Lamboglia and has gone on, in the Ministry for Arts and Cultural Activities, with passionate personages according to whom the interests of the Country and of the future generations must be put on a priority level.

Two of these personages, W. Johannowsky, ex-director of the Section of  Underwater Archaeology in Baia (when this latter existed only on the telephone book) and C. Mocchegiani Carpano, director of the S.T.A.S. (Technical Service for the Underwater Archaeology), fought tenaciously. And it is thanks to them that today we are on an higher level.


It is absolutely forbidden to clean, dig, remove or to draw any objects.

Desultory controls are effected by the Police and the underwater team of the  Superintendence.

It is possible to take pictures except if they are for the sake of gain.